Wednesday, October 3, 2007

WFMW: Big Boy Bed!

This week Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer has decided that this week instead of posting a tip we are all asking for advice! Here is what I'm seeking advice on: How do I transfer my 15 month old into a twin bed? How did you do it? What worked? What did NOT work?

The fact that he is going into a twin bed right now is not negotiable so please do not suggest purchasing another crib, this is not an option for us.

I can't wait to hear all of the sweet little tid bits of wisdom! Bring it on!


Jessica said...

Although our little girl was a little older, we took the crib mattress out and placed it on the floor and surrounded it by pillows. It only took a few nights for her body to figure out there were no crib rails. Then, we moved on to a twin mattress and box springs on the floor with the crib mattress beside it. She only fell off the "big" bed once. The biggest thing was getting her to stay in the bed during naptime. That took a couple of days of "reminding" her to get back in bed. You just have to be stern and keep checking but eventually they get it. My little girls door latches and she can't get it open so she knows she has to stay in there and nap and then she yells for me once she's up, but friends have also just left the door open and put up a gate. Whatever works best for you.

Hope this helps. You just have to stay consistant.

Amy D said...

Our solution was very similar. We put a twin mattress on the floor right where his crib had been. We ended up leaving it that way for several months. He has never had a problem with falling out of bed. I agree with Jessica - the trick is to get them to stay in bed, but this too worked itself out pretty easily. We have a picture of the first nap Dale took in his 'big boy' bed. He's asleep sideways with his legs hanging off and is surrounded by every book and toy he could reach! :) Good luck. (And if you have any ideas for a 1st birthday party, please come visit me!) :)

Six in the Mix said...

15 months is young, but a friend of mine used a small pop up tent on top of the toddler mattress to zip in her very little one. He loved it, and got used to the boundaries because he could still fall off. Eventually, she stopped zipping and he stayed in the tent. By the time he was 18 months there was no tent and he did fine. She had no trouble moving him to a twin after that.

Personally, I stowed the old crib mattress under the twin bed and pulled it half way out every night when I put the toddler in bed so that if he rolled out he would fall on it.

We also practiced in the big bed during nap time for about two weeks before we made the move. That helped establish boundaries and we did a lot of training about staying in bed. But mine was 18 months--big difference.

GiBee said...

Whew! Thanks for asking this... I'm glued to all the answers, as I'll be transferring my 2 year old over soon!!!

jen said...

First thing to do: seriously toddler-proof the room! Know that he can get into anything and everything in there now. Things like diaper ointment and powder (especially powder) need to go up on shelves that are high. If you think like a toddler, you'll know that he'll soon be able to climb to the top of that changing table (though hopefully he never will!) Make sure that any large furniture is bolted to the wall as well.

After that, do whatever works! We've done the mattress on the floor, a bed rail, gate at the door. You might have to try a couple things to see what works, but if buying a crib really isn't an option . . . you'll figure it out eventually! :)


Momma 2 Beans said...

Thanks for all of the helpful comments!!! We are going to be making the big switch in December. I am hoping that he will have some time get used to his new bed before Baby Bub arrives!! Baby Bub is the main reason Bean will be in a twin bed (we really don't want to spend the $ on another crib when we can just buy a bed!). I'll have updates in Dec. about how it is going!! :-) Thanks again!!!

Elizabeth said...

Sorry this is a little late but. . .
I didn't go straight to the twin but to a toddler bed. However, it should work similarly. I think that it would work fine if you put a guard on the side he shouldn't really fall out.

Also, we put the security gate up at the door so he couldn't leave the room. They figure that out after a few minutes. Ah, freedom.

With my daughter we always just put her in and closed the door. She never fell. And really how far would it be if they did fall? 12 inches maybe 24?